• Are you feeling unusually Weary and Exhausted all the time?

  • Exercising and Eating well, but still Gaining Pounds?

  • Not getting enough or Lack of Sleep?

  • Do you have Hot Flushes?

  • Do you have Sore Joints and Muscles?

Are you feeling frustrated about your changing health during your Menopause Transition?

Feel like you are no longer in control?

As women, when we enter into our 40's, also known as the 3rd stage of life, we suffer from our changing mental and physical state. But that doesn't mean we should let it hold us back.

 This is why It is vital that we learn how to 'Position our Menopause' and make it part of our wellness routine. 

It's time to create awareness and educate ourselves.

This is why I have created the Menopause Mastery, a Five Week Program, Starting 6th February 2022, that will help women like you and I accept, adapt, and turn these symptoms around to make the 3rd stage, the best year of our life.

Join Menopause Mastery To Manage And Master Your Body And Mind, For A Better Tommorow.

A Five Week Program, Starting 6th February 2022


What topics will we cover in the Masterclass

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Welcome to Menopause Mastery - Founders Club

    • A Transformational Program for women that want to learn and apply, proven strategies and solutions that help with a positive approach into the new 3rd age world of menopause .

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    Let's Get Started

    • Week 1: What is menopause and what is causing our symptoms

    • Week 2: Time to learn about the physical and mental changes we are experience

    • Week 3: Solutions to manage the physical and mental changes from peri to post menopause

    • Week 4: Its time to talk food and exercise - The good, the bad and the don't want to do, but must!

    • Week: 5 Action stations - Time to accept, create and adapt to our new exciting reality

    • Menopause Diary


This Online Transformation Program is for all the women who want to understand the changes that are happening in our mind and body as we age.

Created specifically for women going through the wonderful 3rd Age stage of life, this 5 week program is packed with essential, safe, and scientifically-proven information as well as practical lifestyle Solutions that you can follow to allow your mind and body to adapt to your new hormonal environment. Menopause Mastery uses a holistic approach to reset your hormones for menopause weight loss and/or symptoms reduction using powerful lifestyle change strategies.

You Will Leave This Masterclass Feeling:

  • Learned: you will have a complete understanding of this natural hormonal transition

  • Enlightened: you will recognize that menopause is wellness and not sickness.

  • Powerful: with the right knowledge you will be able to manage your mental and physical wellbeing during your menopause transition.


Provinding all the support and tools to assist you in your Transformation.

  • Menopause Diary

    A beautiful and strategically designed Menopause Diary that is divided into weekly planners. The Dairy will help you keep accountable and stay on track after you have completed your Course.

  • Access to our WhatsApp Accountability Circle

    Get access to my close-knit Whatsapp Accountability circle, where we make sure you will have all the support, encouragement, and accountability you need to keep on top of your progress.

  • Access to our exclusive FB Group

    Get access to my exclusive Facebook members-only club where you can share your experiences with other members such as yourself. We will also be sharing and discussing new Recipes, special tips and topics.


To show our appreciation to everyone signing up for our very first, Founder's edition, we want to offer our very special students with a one-time only offer, making sure you get even more value.

  • One Hour, 1-on-1 consultation with Sharon- worth $95

    This is a private one-on-one coaching session with me, so I can help you with your Mind and Body Challenges. In these sessions, we will discuss and find solutions to your health and wellness struggles as well as develop various strategies, exercises, diets, and daily habits that you can adapt into your daily routine to become the healthiest version of yourself.

  • Weekly Bonus Material

    Get an exercise and recipes sheet every week, created to gradually help you accomplish your health and wellness goals. You will also receive a Weekly nutritional guide.

  • Discounts on Mini Courses

    When you sign up for Menopause Mastery you will also receive an email with special discount codes for you to use on the Mini-Courses: Save $13 off each mini-course with a 35% discount Save $16 off the Mini-course bundle with 20% discount


  • $82.00

    Program Doors Close On 3rd February, Join Today

    Enroll Now

You can also check out our Bundle Offers specially created for our warrior women who want to look into their Midlife Wellness from all aspects.

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    This Bundle includes all three of your Mini Courses in a special package Deal: Course Included are: Liver Lives Matter Sleep Management Food and Excercise
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Menopause Coach & Mind Body Warrior

Sharon James

As a Mind and Body Coach, Sharon James has spent the last 30 years looking after women's wellness and have succeeded in helping hundreds of women with their weight, menopause, and fitness challenges, enabling them to get back on track, and take back control for a better and a healthy tomorrow. She is very passionate about women in midlife and combined everything she has have learned through her vast career, her education in Sports Science & Life Coaching as well as her own Personal Journey, to create Programs that support you in navigating through your Midlife, Menopause and beyond.



What Sharon's Clients Say About Her

43 Year old, Emirati Mom and Home-Maker


‘’Sharon is patient, caring, supportive, comfortable to work with. She understands the needs of her clients and always progressing the sessions according to my needs. she is focused and has the right attitude and education. Sharon helped me beyond my limits, and I can finally run 5k! Helped me achieve my weight goals. Changed my mental attitude towards nutrition and really turned my lifestyle around towards being healthier and fitter with better habits. Her main strength is commitment, always motivating me to be better

29 Year Old, Emirati, New Mom


Sharon is very kind and patient she has a positive attitude, very inspiring and enthusiastic. She changed my lifestyle and thinking about being healthy and how to working out in a better more effective way. She really helped me achieve my weight loss goals.


Incase you have any questions.

  • When does the course start and finish?

    The program starts from the 7th of Feb '22

  • What if I miss a live session?

    Don't worry all sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the program dashboard, where you can replay the entire recorded session anytime you want

  • How long do I Have access to the course?

    How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this program for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

  • Does the program work?

    Ofcourse! Over the last five years I have coached hundreds of women with their menopause transition and it has changed their life for better. If you’re still not sure, then get in touch, I will be more than happy to put your mind at ease. Remember that we provide you with all the effective tools, strategies, solutions, and support, your only job is to implement them for them to work.

  • Is this program for me?

    If you are 40+ or suffering from some of the symptoms mentioned above, then yes, this course is a must! This program is designed for a permanent change to enhance your health, yourself, and your body during the wonderful 3rd stage of your life. If you are still unsure, email me at [email protected], so I can help you decide if you are the right fit for the course.

  • How long does the Module take to complete?

    The module is a 2 Hour Pre-recorded Masterclass. If you don’t have 2 hours then you can pause me anytime. There is no rush. Once enrolled, you have lifetime access to it.

  • I am still not sure of investing in this course

    I totally understand, it is completely normal to be apprehensive. Why don't we jump on a quick call and have a chat? This will give you a better understanding of the purpose of this life-changing masterclass. I promise that, A. You are in safe (and experienced) hands B. I take my clients very seriously and personally. You can reach out to me at: [email protected]

  • When will I see a difference in me and my symptoms?

    This is probably one of the biggest questions on everyone’s mind, but it is hard to answer as there are so many factors to be considered. Everyone has a unique body and it takes time to adapt to changes. Be patient with yourself. These programs are about self-discovery, education, and application. It’s about implementing new life-enhancing habits, which take 30+ Days to ingrain. How long it takes all depends on you and how you apply yourself to the program. Suffice to say, it depends where your mind and body are at the time of taking the program. Every woman is different and this is not about a quick fix it's about a permanent positive change in your mental and physical wellbeing.


Online Courses that are specifically created keeping women's menopausal wellbeing in mind